Handmade Dairyfree Delights

Delicious dairy free chocolates

A heavenly chunk of chocolate, a delicious cup of home made chocolate milk ... Sounds very tempting, doesn't it? If you're looking for that extra special treat, LIV' IN CHOC is the place to be. We bring you products made in Belgium with delicious Belgian  chocolate, non-dairy of course, also safe to be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. 



Visit our webshop! The filled chocolate truffles are back!! You can choose between five delicious fillings, coated with dark Belgian chocolate. Or why not taste them all? Artisan chocolatier Lieve Vandamme only uses dairy free ingredients, real fruit products and pure dark Belgian chocolate for these handmade delights.



Lieve Vandamme, the woman behind LIV' IN CHOC, wanted a unique concept for her final test at the end of her handmade/artisanal chocolatier training. She decided to focus on a very specific target audience: vegans. Lieve went all out and succeeded in producing non-dairy chocolates that simply taste delicious, and that everyone can safely enjoy. 

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